Contract Terms

1. WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY ORDER: This signed Contract constitutes an order for wedding videography in the form of video files. There are no undocumented agreements of the parties hereto; this Contract constitutes complete understanding and agreement between the Client and Work Shed Pictures.

2. LIMIT OF LIABILITY: Although care will be taken with the video files taken during the Wedding Day, Work Shed Pictures limits any liability for loss, damage, or failure to deliver videos for any reason on behalf of the Videographer, agents, assigns, or licensees for their nonperformance caused by any force or similar circumstances, illness, accident, or any cause beyond their control; nor for the loss or damage of any video materials, to return of all money paid by the Client. In any event, the limit of the Work Shed Picture’s liability shall not exceed the contract price stated herein.

3. CLIENT LIABILITY: It is agreed that the Client & their guests shall assume no responsibility for damage to the Videographer’s equipment. Any equipment that must be repaired or replaced due to damage that occurred while shooting video for the Client will be the sole responsibility of the Videographer.

4. DISPLAY PROMOTION: It is agreed that Work Shed Pictures may display and use videos and photographs from the Wedding Day for advertising, display, website and internet promotion, bridal shows, public display as in malls, store fronts, window displays, studio display, television advertising, magazine advertising, and any other purposes thought proper by Work Shed Pictures.

5. RESERVATION DEPOSIT & PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Upon signature, Work Shed Pictures reserves the time and date agreed upon. For this reason, the Reservation Deposit of $500 is non-refundable, even if date is changed or wedding cancelled for any reason, including acts of God, fire, strike, and/or extreme weather. The Reservation Deposit is due at the time of parties signing this Contract and is non-binding until the Reservation Deposit has been paid. The Reservation Deposit is applied towards the contracted wedding videography package upon completion of this Contract. The Client understands and agrees that 100% of the balance owed for the wedding videography package described in this Contract is due no later than two (2) weeks before the Wedding Day. The Videographer will NOT video the Wedding Day described on this Contract with no liability to the Videographer and loss of the Reservation Deposit by the Client if payment is not received.

6. EDITING, DELIVERING, AND STORAGE OF VIDEOS: Videos will be edited within a timely manner after the wedding, however Work Shed Pictures will not be held to specific delivery date. The Client can request one (1) round of editing revisions within one (1) year of the Wedding Day at no additional charge. Editing changes beyond the first round or past one (1) year from the Wedding Day are subject to an hourly charge. After the final videos are agreed upon by both parties, video files will be delivered to the Client. Video files will be archived at 4K quality for at least one (1) year after client delivery. After that, video files may be archived at 1080p quality.

7. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: This Contract is not to be construed as an employment agreement in any way. The Videographer functions as an independent contractor.

8. CANCELLATION: In the event the Client must cancel the contracted services on this Contract, Work Shed Pictures agrees to refund all money paid, excluding the Reservation Deposit of $500, if cancelled more than two (2) weeks from the Wedding Day. Cancellations made by the Client within two (2) weeks of the Wedding Day shall owe the full balance for the wedding videography package, regardless if services are rendered. Work Shed Pictures will provide receipts to the Client for all money paid.

9. CONTRACTED HOURS & LOCATIONS: It is agreed that the contracted hours (based upon booked package) for the Wedding Day shall be consecutive. Contracted time begins when the Videographer arrives for the Wedding Day and includes all time not shooting video (traveling between locations, meals, etc). The contracted hours shall be between eight (8) am and eleven (11) pm; any time outside of these hours are subject to an additional fee. The Client is responsible for providing any time and location changes to Work Shed Pictures before the Wedding Day. Work Shed Pictures will not be held liable for any incorrect times and/or locations if proper notification is not received and confirmed.

10. MEALS: It is agreed that a full meal will be provided at the reception for each Videographer during the time the bridal party is eating.