Simple answer? Because we’re pros. We’ve got fancy, expensive cameras and tons of equipment. Nick loves reading blogs and watching videos about all kinds of video equipment. But know what he loves even more? Buying the equipment he’s researched like crazy and getting to use them for weddings.

We don’t do this for the money (although that helps, not gonna lie). We do this because we LOVE it. We’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years now so we’ve already gone through the how-do-i-use-this-thing phase that maybe the friend/family member you’re thinking about asking to shoot video hasn’t gone through yet. But maybe you’re ok with that, and that’s ok! We know weddings are expensive and a professional video might not make the budget. In case a professional video is something you want, we happen to have a portfolio page you can look at- let us know if you like what you see!
As much as we’d like to, realistically none of us have special powers that let us be in multiple places at once. For example, one person can’t get a good shot of the bride AND the groom each reading their vows- they have to pick one or the other or decide to get a safer/not-as-great shot to cover both of them. That’s why we have 2 people- one shooting the bride and one shooting the groom. And bonus! Having 2 people also means we can try to get more interesting shots over the course of the day (and it’s also super helpful with carrying equipment…we have a lot of stuff).

Another follow up question you may be thinking is, why do you need to get interesting shots/more angles? Answer: C-SPAN has one camera angle, "Stranger Things" has multiple- which would you rather watch? Obviously subject matter plays a part, but, come on- it’s YOU getting MARRIED! Who wouldn’t want to watch that??
The hottest question on everyone's lips is, do you provide drone footage?? Our answer? YES! Drone footage is included in all of our packages. We try to shoot some at every wedding if time and weather allows but we'll make it a higher priority if you specifically request it. That way we know beforehand that we need to carve out some extra time to try and get some of those sweet, sweet drone shots.
We can! Right now we charge an extra fee of $250 if you want your video(s) in 4K. The reason for that is 4K footage takes up WAY more space on a hard drive and can take longer to edit/render. The 4K upgrade is available for both the Signature and Essentials packages.
Counter question- what do you want us to shoot? It’s YOUR wedding day and YOUR video, so we shoot what you want. Do you want us there when you’re getting your hair and make-up done or just have us show up when you get your dress on? Are you doing a grand exit at the reception and want that on video or just have us stay until we get enough dance footage? Based on how many hours you picked, let us know what you want shot and we’ll work out the timeline. Need to change how many hours you have? No problem!
Editing is not instantaneous. Some companies offer same day edits but we don’t think that’s going to be a quality product. We have at least 3 cameras running during a ceremony, at least 2 going at a reception, not to mention all the footage we get from the photo session and prep. Whew! It’s a lot! It takes hours to go through it all, picking out the best shots to make sure your video is AH.MAY.ZING. And that’s not even including the audio we get from mic’ing the officiant, the groom, recording the toasts...

Editing takes time. How much time depends on how many other weddings we’re editing at the same time. It can take anywhere from 8-16+ weeks depending on how busy we are. For packages with a ceremony and/or toasts video add-on, we usually edit the those first and then do the highlight video and dance montage last. We know the highlight reel is what you really want (be honest!) but since we pull clips from other videos to put into it, we have to edit all the other videos first. That just means we save the best for last though- and we’re guessing you’ll think it was worth the wait.
Depending on what package you book, everyone gets a highlight video and then with the Signature Package you also get the 60 second preview and the option of adding on videos for the ceremony and/or toasts. We DO NOT do long form videos, meaning we won’t put all the individually edited videos into one long 90 minute video. Sorry, it’s just not how we roll.
So about a month before your wedding, we send you a form that asks all kinds of questions. One of them is “unique shots”. We already know that you want us to shoot the toasts, the cake cutting, the first dance, etc. What we don’t know is that your great aunt’s cousin is in from Alaska and it’s the first time you’ve seen her since you were 5 and really want her on camera. Instead of trying to tell us telepathically, we’ve found it’s easier if you just put it on the form. We’re not going to be shoving a camera in her face all day, but we will make it a point to try and get more video of her talking with family or busting a move on the dance floor.

After we’ve sent you the edited videos, you also get a say in what you want more or less of, whether that’s specific shots or songs. On that same form we also ask you if have any music in mind for your highlight reel. If you can’t think of anything, we’ll be happy to pick the music for you.
Once you approve the final videos, you’ll be sent a digital download file of all the videos in high resolution and also get a Mediazilla link. Mediazilla allows you to easily share your video with friends and family and on social media. If you want to buy DVDs, Blu-rays, or flash drives, you can do that in our store.
Think of it like a sneak peek movie trailer from your wedding- a 1 minute video that you can share directly on social media to give your followers a glimpse into the day before your full highlight video is done. We limit it to 60 seconds because of Instagram but it can be shared anywhere! The only limitation is that in order to be able to share it directly, the music for it has to be licensed. We subscribe to a website called Artlist which is where we pull all of our licensed music from.

For the full highlight video, we're able to use copyrighted music so you'll still get to hear your favorite tunes set to video of your wedding. You just have to share the Mediazilla link we send you!
YES but since we shoot a LOT of stuff over the course of the day, it’s not feasible to upload a file with all the raw footage. If you’d like the raw footage, all you need to do is buy a flash drive from our store or send us one of your own and we'll put it on there for free!
We try to make it as easy as possible to pay us. We require a signed contract and a $500 deposit to secure your date, and then your balance is due in full 2 weeks before your wedding. We take cash, check, credit card, and PayPal. And you can make as many payments as you want!
We have an extensive team of trained videographers that we can pull from in case of emergencies. We don't guarantee specific people in our contracts for that very reason. But don't worry, all of our people do awesome work!
That depends on the time of year. May-October are our busiest months and we can book those dates up to 1-3 years out. BUT there is definitely the occasional random Saturday we have open during this time so don’t be afraid to ask if we’re available! Off-season months (November-March) we have a much more open calendar for and can book weddings as little as just a few weeks out.
Yes. Why? We like eating. Food is usually delicious and it does nice things for us like give us energy and make us happy. We don’t want to miss anything on your wedding day so the best time for us to eat? When you do. It’s usually the only time there’s nothing going on so it’s a great time for us to recharge our batteries and make sure we’re good to go the rest of the night. It’s also SUPER helpful if we’re in the same room as you for dinner just in case something happens that we should get on video.
We do! Let us know if you need proof of insurance.
We only do videography but we partner with Nichole Coyle photography and offer a joint photo/video package with her. You'd book and coordinate everything with Nichole and she'd handle everything except for shooting and editing your wedding video(s). All payments are also handled by Nichole as well. Here's a link to her website: https://www.nicholecoyle.com/