Premier Package

starting at $2750

2 Videographers

You’ll have one lead videographer and one associate videographer shoot your wedding. We’ll capture everything from you getting ready to your ceremony and reception and you dancing with your friends and family to tell a complete story of your wedding day.


9 hours is perfect for lots of weddings but if you need more time, you can add additional time up to 12 hours of total coverage.┬áTypically, most Catholic weddings need between 10-12 hours to capture everything you’d want in your video.

Price : $2750 for 9 hours
$150/hour for additional hours (up to 12 hours total)


2 videographers (1 lead and 1 associate)

4 cameras for your ceremony

3 cameras for your reception

Mic for the groom to capture your vows as well as a mic for your officiant

drone coverage (weather and location permitting)


8-10 minute long highlight reel

Full ceremony and reception edits

3-4 minute long dance montage

All videos are edited at HD 1920×1080 (4K optional)

Highlight Package

starting at $1850

2 Videographers

Just looking for a highlight reel capturing the most important moments of your day? This is the package for you. Our associate videographers will capture your wedding and we’ll create a beautiful 7-9 minute highlight video that you can enjoy for years to come.


Your main videographer will shoot for 7 hours covering prep through the main events at your reception. The second videographer shoots for 4 hours. Typically the second videographer would shoot from the start of your ceremony through the beginning of your reception but that can be adjusted based on what you’d prefer.

Price : $1850 for 7 hours
$75/hour per videographer for additional hours (up to 10 hours total)


1st videographer for 7 hours of coverage

2nd videographer for 4 hours of coverage

3 cameras for your ceremony

1-2 cameras for your reception

Mic for the groom to capture your vows


7-9 minute long highlight reel

Video is edited at HD 1920×1080

Ceremony Package


2 Videographers

Our ceremony package includes 2 videographers for up to 3 hours of coverage. We’ll shoot your ceremony and anything else that happens at your church or ceremony location that fits within that 3 hour block. That includes any prep you do at the church (we can fake a few shots if needed) or family photos you shoot.


3 hours of coverage is perfect for most ceremonies. That gives us enough time to set up, shoot your ceremony, and shoot some additional footage of you finishing your prep, opening presents, and doing family photos. You’ll get a full ceremony video as well as a short highlight video.


2 associate videographers

4 cameras for your ceremony

Mic for the groom to capture your vows as well as a mic for your officiant


3-5 minute long highlight reel

Full ceremony edit

All videos are edited at HD 1920×1080


Instagram Video

We create a 60 second mini-highlight video just for Instagram. We’ll edit it within a week of your wedding so you can have an amazing preview to share with family and friends as quickly as possible.

Price : $150

4K Video

All of our packages come with HD (1920×1080) video. It looks gorgeous whether it’s played on your TV or on an iPad. But, if you have a big 4K TV and are looking for the most pristine image possible, we can shoot and edit your video in 4K (3840×2160). Since 4K has 4 times as many total pixels as HD, it looks fantastic but it also takes up way more storage space on our server and takes longer to edit so we keep it as an option.

Price : $300